Why you need to work on your swim skills

Instead of just trying to get through the first leg of the race, why not work on your swim skills so you can enjoy it?

| January 25, 2017 | TRAINING

Schwimmtechnik | Swim technique

Swim technique

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Swim technique

When you talk to many people about triathlon, you often here them say: "I can picture myself cycling and running, but not swimming."

Swimming is considered the most technically demanding of the three triathlon disciplines. Athletes who have not learned good technique when they were younger usually have to invest a lot of time to improve in the water. Also it's harder to get yourself to a pool than it is to just head out the door and bike or run.

Finding a good coach who can help your technique can also be a challenge. 


Looking at the numbers

If you take a critical look at the importance of swimming in terms of your overall placement, it's easy to argue that swimming isn't that important. At the Hamburg Triathlon, for example, there were 24 minutes and 43 seconds between the first 100th placed finisher - about 20 percent of the overall time.

It is therefore reasonable to conclude that swim performance had only a small influence on the time gap and placement. Exactly 53 seconds (3.5 percent) separated the hundredth from the first in the water, while the difference on the bike was 18 percent (10:47 min.) For the run the difference was 30 percent (10:11 min.).