Travel tips from Andi Boecherer

Today's Triday tips offer some advice on what to pack for your next training camp or race to ensure you get their relaxed and ready.

| November 24, 2017 | TRAINING

It is the last #Triday before my first training camp for 2018. Tomorrow we board the plane for Las Playitas on Fuerteventura. Here's a list of what I consider the "must-haves" when I am traveling to races and training camps.

Noise canceling headphones ensure you will arrive relaxed. Believe me, you notice the difference!

A hoodie, a hat, a buff or a scarf will keep you warm during the flight and help you stay warm in the over-airconditioned cabin.

I save a photo of my travel documents and boarding pass in my phone in case of an emergency.

Pack cycling shoes and pedals, running shoes and shorts, swimming goggles and a swim suit in your hand luggage, so you can train if your luggage does not arrive. With a rental bike and this equipment you can manage for a few days.

A water bottle will ensure that you will arrive hydrated after the flight and during your transfer to the hotel.

If you swim in an outdoor pool, a Speedsuit will help against cooler water temperatures or help you avoid burning in the brigh sun.

I bring a yoga mat for stretching or core work.

I bring an aqua jogging belt in case I have to stop running for a few days.

From the joy of movement, the desire for adventure and the search for his own boundaries, Andi Böcherer started into multisport racing. He completed his first triathlon in 2002 and has, since 2008, turned his passion into a career. Andi has finished in the top five at the Ironman World Championship, is a former European champion and almost always finishes on the podium in any race he enters, His motto: "Do not dream of a magic day, train for a solid day!"