Training through races

Andi Boecherer offers some thoughts on "training competitions," races that you enter but know you won't be at your best.

| January 26, 2018 | TRAINING

Photo >Ingo Kutsche

Today my #Triday is about training competitions. Although many of us like to, after a bad day, declare a messed up race as a "training or test competition," that's not what I am referring to.

What I am referring to is a deliberately planned start where you aren't neessarily after a great result.

I end up doing races like this ahead of time if: 

- I will not be in top shape

- I know that I am not ready to compete and the chance to do well is really low

- I purposely push my limits to set a training stimulus, which I wouldn't have been able to do in training. 

A few things I find helpful from these races:

- I deliberately choose those events that do not play to my strengths, but rather than my weaknesses. In my case a race where a strong swim and bike won't be enough.

- I'm looking for a clear focus on an event that won't be as important. In my case: running over shorter distances, duathlons, etc.

- A race like the Dirty Race or the SuperSprint in Wallisellen for example (or other races with drafting) which kick me out of my comfort zone. Since I have to swim very fast (I can not) and have to push even harder on the run, these events put me in a good spot both mentally and physically.