Race time for Andreas Boecherer

Even pros get nervous before big races. Andi Boecherer outlines some of his thoughts as he gets ready for his first big race of 2018.

| April 20, 2018 | TRAINING

Photo >Fabian Eisenlauer

Saturday will be my first big competition of the 2018 season at Challenge Gran Canaria.

Everyone is familiar with the uncertain feeling as you prepare for the big day. Am I ready? Am I good enough? How fit are the others? Did I train properly? How do I race a triathlon again? If I had only had four more weeks of training in my legs ...

Pros are no different to other triathletes. For me  there is lots of new equipment for this start: my Fe226 suit is new, there's a new Zone3 wetsuit and new Zipp wheels. I am running in a new pair of New Balance shoes and wearing a new Uvex cycling helmet. Although my Cube bike and SRAM components are the same as last year, the bike has just been rebuilt. I do know, thanks to my testing time with STAPS, that I have never been in a better position on the bike and I've never been on faster equipment.

But I need to stop and put all those thoughts aside. I need to just get out there and do a triathlon. Everyone doubts themselves, so you just have to get started. Once you've done that you know where things are at and the season will be in full swing before you know it.

It will all work ... I just have to look forward to the start gun.