Indoor riding through New York of the future

Cycling through the mega-city: This is now possible in the virtual world of Zwift.

| October 19, 2018 | TRAINING

The developers of Zwift were creative - they created a new route through New York of the future on glass bike paths.

The developers of Zwift were creative - they created a new route through New York of the future on glass bike paths.

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The playful nature trails of Watopia. Sightseeing tours in London. The world championship courses from Richmond and Innsbruck. And now futuristic routes through New York: The developers behind the cycling community Zwift are completely committed to the gamification of indoor training.

Indoor cycling as a "game"

Zwift is software that turns indoor cycling training into an experience. The driver cycles through virtual worlds with realistic elements. You can adjust the topography of the courses and also do pre-programmed workouts to get the most out of your training. All this happens in a worldwide community, one in which you'll often run into a triathlon or cycling pro. The fun will set you back 15 Euro or US$15 a month.

Bikes drive, cars fly

Today the developers from California have opened a new episode of the Zwift story: The fifth virtual world brings indoor cyclists (and indoor runners) not only to New York, but also into the future. Although the venues will be familiar to many of those who have visited the mega-city on the US East Coast, there are many aspects that are different - developers have programmed a vision of how they imagine New York will look in 100 years, including flying cars and hovering "bike paths" with glassy surfaces above Manhattan. 

From video game to fun training

Central to the courses is Central Park, with its natural surroundings and attractions such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Met, the El Dorado Hotel and the Tavern on the Green Restaurant.

"Our creative approach to recreating New York was inspired by the video games of the '90s," says Jon Mayfield, one of Zwift's founders and chief programmers. "That helped us to build a more sophisticated and, above all, more entertaining environment that we know will be loved by Zwifters."

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The 10 Zwift routes in New York




Rising Empire

20.7 km

376 m

Park Perimeter Loop

9.7 km

126 m

The Highline

10.5 km

179 m

Lady Liberty

12.3 km

206 m

Mighty Metropolian

20.0 km

318 m

Astoria Line 8

11.5 km

142 m


22.4 km

365 m

Grand Central Circuit

6.8 km

144 m

Everything Bagel

34.3 km

545 m

The 6 Train

6.5 km

69 m

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