Evaluating the year

Andi Boecherer explains how to enjoy some activity on New Year's Eve, evaluate the year that was and prepare for a great 2018.

| December 30, 2017 | TRAINING

Last #Triday of the year!

I love a sporty ending to the year and like to take part in a New Year's Eve run or something similar. This year it will be a cross country race in Switzerland, where I will celebrate New Year's Eve with my family. I'm less concerned about the result than with using the opportunity to review the last year. What was good? What should be better? What did I achieve? What do I want to change?

Of course, that evaluation doesn't need to happen in a race. That provides extra motivation, but you can do the same thing during a solitary run, while swimming or on a bike ride with friends or others you've trained with through the year. 

My tip: Don't dwell on the negative stuff. Do not always worry about why things didn't go as you wanted. Do take the time to think about it all, then evaluate and think about what you can change. And, finally, you should think about your greatest sporting success of 2017 and evaluate what you did to achieve that result. With these thoughts, go into your New Year's Eve effort - and nail it properly!