Embracing the cold and snow

Andi Boecherer isn't letting the snow and cold get him down - he's using it as an opportunity to enhance his training through cross-country skiing.

| January 5, 2018 | TRAINING

Welcome to the first #Triday of 2018. In the northern hemisphere there is snow in many places - and that's great! Don't you think so? Are you missing your cycling and running?

That's exactly what I like about this opportunity. Because, in winter, I like to get out into nature and use the time for an alternative fitness activity - cross country skiing. That's for several reasons:

  • It's a great total body workout and, therefore, a great complement to swimming, cycling and running
  • I can easily train for three or four hours and challenge myself without the hard strain on muscles, ligaments and bones that would come from a comparable running workout. It is a perfect marathon training.
  • Cross-country skiing is very good for the hip extensors, which can be shortened by a lot of cycling.
  • For my engine (my oxygen intake capacity or VO2 Max) it's great because so many muscle groups are involved.
  • There is no stark climate change similar to flying back and forth between training camps and home.
  • I can combine skiing with family time, building in times to sled, build a snowman or ski with them.