Cycling with gloves

Andi Boecherer offers up some reasons to wear cycling gloves during your training.

| March 23, 2018 | TRAINING

My today's #Triday is once again inspired from questions I've been asked during my training camp in Fuerteventura. Again and again people wonder why I wear gloves for my cycling training.

- Above all it's for safety: If I should fall, the skin remains on the palms of my hands, usually the first part of your body to hit the ground. Anyone who has experienced a fall where you lose skin on your hands knows how long it takes for that to heal up - all the movements your hands make tend to keep opening up the wound.

- I have more control over my bike: Combine sweat, sunscreen and dirt from bars, drinks or gels and suddenly your handlebars can get really slippery and your hands slide off.

- Avoiding burns: When I fly from the cold winter back home to a sunny training camp, the tops of my hands are exposed to the sun quite a bit. Wiping my face or putting my hands in my pocket tends to wife off any sunscreen I might have applied, leaving the backs of my hands to burn. A sunburn is an inflammation, something you want to avoid, especially when you're training hard. With gloves the hands are more protected. However, I still put some sunscreen on my hands as the light can still work its way through the mesh. 

- More padding: It's simply more comfortable with gloves thanks to their added cushioning on the handlebars.