Does sock height matter on the bike trainer? Crazy indoor riding questions.

While our northern hemisphere readers are finally enjoying the summer, those down under are heading into their winter and, for one rider, it's been a bit of a challenge!

| May 31, 2017 | TRAINING

Spend enough time on an bike trainer and you go a little loopy. We collected a few thoughts whilst staring at a wall, or TV, for a few hours pedaling and going nowhere.

  • Does sock height matter when I’m on this thing?
  • If I did more training I could be a pro.
  • Wow those One Direction kids are good.
  • I can’t feel my ass.
  • I’m rocking this headband better than Frodo.
  • Why did I download the Lego Movie?
  • Everything is awesome.
  • Should have washed these knicks.
  • How the hell do the Wurtele’s live in an RV that long?
  • Ah YouTube ... how do you get to video so many things?
  • How did I get to watch Blind Auditions on the Voice Russia?
  • Haha that cat fell off something!
  • Fail.
  • People are awesome.
  • If I did more training there is NOO way I could be a pro!
  • Will this selfie of me on my bike look really cool?
  • Why is my HR monitor beeping so much ?
  • Is it too late to say sorry?
  • I wonder if they eat the cupcakes after they film them?
  • Will my health insurance cover the prostrate and testicular examination I will need as I have been sitting on the ergo for 3 hrs straight.
  • Oh wow I have finally worked out that Eddie Murphy actually plays Randy Jackson from Sexual Chocolate in Coming to America.
  • I have become so accustomed to the stationary bike that I actually placed a deck chair 10 feet away and made myself a Nescafe Blend 43 at the halfway point of my session just so it feels like a coffee stop!

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