Andi Boecherer's Triday tip

When is the best time to schedule a training camp? A break from the cold right now might be nice, but it might not be the best timing for your best race season.

| December 1, 2017 | TRAINING

I spend this #Triday at a training camp on Fuerteventura and am putting in the miles at Las Playitas.

Why now? Why in the middle of winter? Good question.

For me, as a professional, it is because of my injury-related failure at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. I am working to get things back on track. The perfect conditions and the chance to completely focus on swimming, cycling, running, strength training, eating and sleeping all help.

I wouldn't recommend this early a camp to most amateur athletes because, once you're back home, you'll have to cope with darkness, bad weather and many responsibilities. The charm of an early camp evaporates quickly - and you will easily get sick. If I were not a professional and my important races were in the summer, I would plan my training camp later. If you are in the sun in April or May, you will make another leap in performance shortly before the start of the season and you will be able to continue that fitness build at home.

My tip: Relax, use the winter to build important strength, technique and endurance fitness and plan a camp in the spring.

Of course it doesn't hurt to do an early season camp if you can, but if you have to pick one time or another, you are better to wait until the spring.

From the joy of movement, the desire for adventure and the search for his own boundaries, Andi Böcherer started into multisport racing. He completed his first triathlon in 2002 and has, since 2008, turned his passion into a career. Andi has finished in the top five at the Ironman World Championship, is a former European champion and almost always finishes on the podium in any race he enters, His motto: "Do not dream of a magic day, train for a solid day!"