Andi Boecherer's Triday tip

Sometimes getting out on a mountain (or cross) bike for some off-season training is exactly what you need.

| November 10, 2017 | TRAINING

This #Triday gets dirty! I'm sending you into the mud.

For me there is hardly anything better in the fall and winter than to get out on my mountain bike. Not just because it's fun - I also recommend it for a few other reasons. (While I like to get out on a MTB, you can enjoy many of the same benefits on a cyclocross bike.)

• Coming back after an end-of-season break, mountain biking offers some completely different training - these workouts aren't as likely to hurt your ego because you won't notice as much what kind of shape you're in.

• I find mountain biking to be a great way to build strength, so I like to get climbing (especially standing climbs).

• Riding on the trails is great to work on your balance and bike handling skills.

• For those of us who have to deal with harsh winters, because you moving slower, there is less wind and, therefore, you won't get as cold.

• Riding an MTB can be compared to doing an interval workout and this is a great way to build into your tougher interval training that is to come. Because the effort is determined by the terrain, you'll hardly notice that you're working hard.

So: get out and hit the trails!