Andi Boecherer's Triday tip

German pro Andi Boecherer has some simple advice on how you can get yourself motivated for the 2018 season ... and a chance to win an entry to Challenge Heilbronn.

| November 3, 2017 | TRAINING

Photo >Ingo Kutsche

by Andi Boecherer

Today's #Triday tip is short but very effective for motivation. And there’s also a chance to win a free entry at one of my favorite races.

Speaking of a favorite race, that’s the theme of today’s tip. Many of you are planning your 2018 season right now and thinking about which races should fill the calendar. My motivation tip:

Choose a special gem in addition to the other races. A race or adventure that really motivates you. It might be something out of the ordinary, where time and place won’t matter. It does not have to be the Ironman World Championship or the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon. Maybe it's a run, an mountain bike race or a small event with a special flair or great route.

For me, Challenge Heilbronn is that race. And I actually can help you get there – a free entry for next year’s race.

You have until Monday, November 6 to get your name into the draw.

- In the comments write down your planned 2018 race highlight (it does not have to be Challenge Heilbronn)

- Link to Challenge Heilbronn in your comment to show that you would be interested in winning an entry to the race.

From the joy of movement, the desire for adventure and the search for his own boundaries, Andi Böcherer started into multisport racing. He completed his first triathlon in 2002 and has, since 2008, turned his passion into a career. Andi has finished in the top five at the Ironman World Championship, is a former European champion and almost always finishes on the podium in any race he enters, His motto: "Do not dream of a magic day, train for a solid day!"