Andi Böcherer's tips on wetsuit testing

How can you tell if a wetsuit is the right one for you? Andi Boecherer offers some suggestions on finding your best wetsuit match.

| February 2, 2018 | TRAINING

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I have already told you that in 2018 I will pay special attention to the "details." And I am very happy that I have found a new partner for the first discipline, whose wetsuits and swimwear are perfect for me. What company? I'll let you know in the next few days and I will even have a raffle where you can win one of their suits - check my Facebook page for details.

Today, though, I want to talk about the factors I looked at while I was testing various wetsuits and the way I approached it. Maybe you use some of these tips into a test swim to find the right suit for you.

  • Cut your fingernails: This really helps to prevent accidentally damaging the suit.
  • I take plastic bags with me for testing. I put them on my feet and hands to get into the neoprene suits easily and without any problems.
  • At first I just get the suit on. Then I get in the water and let some water in through the collar. I get out of the water and let the water run down past my arms and legs. Once you've done that it's much easier to adjust it so it fits perfectly.

What to look for when swimming:

  • Your arms should move without resistance.
  • How similar does your position in the water feel to my optimal swimming position without a wetsuit?
  • Does the neckline sit comfortably and without constriction, even when you're breathing?
  • How much feel for the water does the suit allow in the forearm?
  • Can you still kick comfortably, or are you feet too high in the water feel like they are stuck in the air? The latter does not help - an outboard engine does not work if the propeller is above the water.

From the joy of movement, the desire for adventure and the search for his own boundaries, Andi Böcherer started into multisport racing. He completed his first triathlon in 2002 and has, since 2008, turned his passion into a career. Andi has finished in the top five at the Ironman World Championship, is a former European champion and almost always finishes on the podium in any race he enters, His motto: "Do not dream of a magic day, train for a solid day!"