Andi Boecherer's breakfast of champions

If you find a carbohydrate-loaded breakfast sometimes leaves you out of gas a few hours into a long training day, Andi Boecherer offers up his favorite pre-training breakfast.

| February 16, 2018 | TRAINING

Today's #Triday brings you my breakfast tip for a busy weekend (but it will work on other days, too). An engine needs oil - of course only from ROWE - and mine also needs protein. I find myself getting exhausted from a diet of strict carbohydrates ahead of long endurance training days. In my experience, if I simply stuff myself with carbs in the morning, I get hungry after a couple of hours and my performance drops significantly. That forces me to have to start eating again, and I don't want that. It doesn't help me develop my fat metabolism and I feel less fit overall.

That does not mean that I basically do without carbohydrates, but they only make up a small part of my daily diet. It's important, though, that you experiment and see what works best for you. I am convinced that protein and fat are the better options for me. For me a breakfast consisting of a simple egg omelette with vegetables and sheep's cheese has proven to be the best. For this I roast zucchini or aubergine and cook three organic eggs with sheep's cheese. I put the eggs and cheese over the vegetables in the pan and the whole thing is seasoned at will. The spices provide some welcome variety. When the omelette is almost ready I add some cocktail tomatoes and I like to add fresh herbs and chives. I like to put sprouts and watercress on top, too. But, of course, you can customize it yourself.

In addition I drink a big cup of tea. Preferably ginger lemon or herbal tea. This breakfast gives me enough power for several hours of cycling - and it tastes good, too.