Sebastian Kienle hires Philipp Seipp as his new coach

2014 Ironman World Champion Sebastian Kienle has a new coach - he's now working with Philipp Seipp according to an announcement made on his social media channels yesterday.

| November 13, 2018 | NEWS

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Two weeks ago, 2014 Ironman world champion Sebastian Kienle announced that he was going to hire a new coach. After 13 years, three world titles, three runner-up world championship finishes and three European titles, the 34-year-old and Lubos Bilek had "achieved everything he had dreamed of in sports."

He's decided to work with Philipp Seipp, who has been working with some very successful German athletes for several years including Laura Philipp, Florian Angert and Franz Löschke. Yesterday, Seipp and Kienle went to Training & Diagnostics in Zurich, where they gathered lots of data about the current form of Kienle.

"We have known each other for a long time and he has developed as well as a coach as I have as an athlete in recent years," said Kienle on Instagram and Facebook.