Gomez and Charles highlight Cannes field

On a busy weekend that will see many of the world's best racing in Bermuda and Texas, Javier Gomez and Lucy Charles highlight the field at the fifth edition of the Cannes International Triathlon.

| April 25, 2018 | RACES

Photo >Polar Cannes International Triathlon

Even though WTS Bermuda and the Ironman North American Championship in the Woodlands, Texas are taking place this weekend, there will still be some big names racing in Europe. Spain's multiple world champion, Javier Gomez, and Great Britain's Lucy Charles, who is fresh off a big win at the Ironman African Championship, will highlight the field. 

This year's event features a new bike course that will challenge all of the 1,300 competitors with 1,700 m of climbing through the spectacular Maritime Alps.

It will be the shock of the year if any woman is ahead of Charles out of the water and, if she's recovered well enough from her big day in South Africa, one would expect her to stay clear throughout the rest of the race. (Charles does a lot of training in Lanzarote, so the climbing shouldn't be a challenge she's not used to.) French pros Charlotte Morel and Alexandra Tondeur will keep Charles honest, though.

It's hard to imagine anyone being able to top Gomez, either, but look for the always-tough French cyclists including Herve Faure and Jeremy Morel to try to push the Spaniard on the bike.