Gold Coast Paratriathlon

Our photo of the day celebrates the speedy racing from down under at the opening race of the ITU World Paratriathlon Series.

| April 10, 2017 | RACES

Photo >Delly Carr | International Triathlon Union

In case you thought Paratriathlon racing isn't exciting, check out the results from this weekend's opening race of the ITU World Paratriathlon Series. In the Men's PTS2 division three men entered T2 together. The race was eventually won by by Stephane Bahier (FRA), who got to the line a minute ahead of American Mark Barr, the subject of our photo of the day. Australia's Brant Garvey rounded out the podium.

Here's a list of the other Paratriathlon champions from the Gold Coast last weekend:

Women's PTCH: Emily Tapp (AUS)

Men's PTCH: Bill Chaffey (AUS)

Women's PTS2: Allysa Seely (USA)

Men's PTS2: Stephane Bahier (FRA)

Women's PTVI: Elizabeth Baker (USA)

Men's PTVI: Jonathan Goerlcah (AUS)

Men's PTS4: Alexis Hanquinquant (FRA)

Women's PTS4: Sally Pilbeam (AUS)

Men's PTS3: Justin Godfrey (AUS)

Women's PTS5: Kate Doughty (AUS)

Men's PTS5: Chris Hammer (USA)