Breakfast with Bob: Penticton Day 3

Breakfast with Bob: Penticton edition continues today with interviews of Sara Gross, Karen Thibodeau, Liz Lyles, Canadian national cross-triathlon champ Karsten Madsen, Penticton mayor Andrew Jakubeit and ITU's Eric Angstadt.

| August 26, 2016 | RACES

Sara Gross

In 2014, Sara Gross won both Ironman Brazil and Ironman Mont-Tremblant. As part of the Bahrain Triathlon team she is able to combine her passion for triathlon with her passion for providing sporting opportunities for women.

Karen Thibodeau

Karen Thibodeau is not only an up and coming pro, she is someone who, through her work, is constantly changing lives for the better.

Liz Lyles

Liz Lyles is a two-time Wildflower Triathlon champion, a three-time Ironman champion and a mother of two. After Challenge Penticton she is off to Ironman Wisconsin, the site of her first Ironman win, and then on to Kona.

Andrew Jakubeit

Andrew Jakubeit is the mayor of Penticton. He came on to chat about the deep connection between his city and the sport of triathlon.

Eric Angstadt

Eric Angstadt is the manager of multisport for the ITU. We chatted about the growth of paratri and the upcoming multiple ITU World Championship events in Penticton in 2017.

Karsten Madsen

Karsten Madsen won the Cross Triathlon National Championship in Penticton and, at the age of 25, he has been in the sport of triathlon since the age of four. What an awesome interview!