Vesterby signs with Argon 18

Michelle Vesterby will be on a new bike in 2018 - the Argon 18 119 Tri+.

| January 11, 2018 | PERSONALITY

She's one of the most recognizable women in the sport, renowned for her strong cycling, outgoing personality and big smile. Today Argon 18 announced that it hopes to help build its brand recognition in Denmark and Europe with the signing of Michelle Vesterby.

The Dane joins a prestigious list of Argon 18 pro athletes that includes Australian three-time Kona champ Craig Alexander and New Zealand Terenzo Bozzone, a multiple Ironman winner and the 2009 Ironman 70.3 world champion.

Vesterby will ride Argon 18's E119 Tri+ and has been getting used to the bike during a training camp in Grand Canaria. 

Photo >Kevin Mackinnon

"I am very excited to be on such a fast bike," she says. "I love it. The right partner is key in our sport and I am confident that Argon 18 will allow me to reach new levels with my bike. I am thrilled to join the Argon 18 family and work together to bring the joy of the sport of triathlon to women around the world. I love this sport and the lifestyle of triathlon and I look forward to sharing that with Argon 18.”

Vesterby's popular social media presence routinely promotes her "Keep Smiling" trademark saying. She's also famous for including lots of pink in her kit - her E119 utilizes lots of pink in the pain design, we're told.

We'll look forward to getting a more detailed photo gallery of the new bike at some point. Vesterby will continue to work with both FSA and Vision for wheels, bars and other components on the new frame.