Sarah Crowley continues her magical 2017

She's won two Ironman regional championships (Cairns and Frankfurt) and, on Sunday, claimed her first world title at the ITU Long Distance World Championship. Sarah Crowley's comments after her big win.

| August 29, 2017 | PERSONALITY

Photo >Kevin Mackinnon

How did your day go?

I didn’t get off  to a very good start – I fell over and then a few girls got away. I recovered OK and stuck with it. I built into the bike and had a good back end of the bike and kind of caught back up to everyone. Then the run went smoothly.

What was it like to come across the finish line and become a world champ?

A little unbelievable, actually. I didn’t expect that result at all. I’ve been racing a fair bit at the moment and we’ve been training really hard. I just did what I had to do and it all came together.

Were there any surprises for you today?

It was a little bit all over the place (going into the race) – we weren’t sure if we would be wearing wetsuits or not. I was meant to do the Aquathlon, but I didn’t do it because I wanted to focus on this race. I’m pretty glad that I didn’t, now. I think that the girls that were out there were all pretty strong, so it went pretty much as I expected it would, except I didn’t expect to win.  

How will you celebrate?

I’m going to fly back to Salt Lake City because we’ve been training in Park City. Then my training partner and I are going to drive back to Los Angeles, so we’ll go through Monument Valley and Vegas. I don’t think I’ll be drinking, but I’ll certainly be enjoying the sights for a couple of days. Then we’ll get into the prep for Hawaii.

What’s been the difference for you in 2017?

Cam (Watt, her coach). Way more structured training. Last year I was still working full time. I used to race ITU. We’ve put together the swim a bit better and I’ve changed the way I structure my race. And then a lot of hard training and a lot of hard work. Not sitting behind a desk all day has made a big difference.

So Kona is next on the agenda?

It is. I had back home in a couple of days. Then we’ll spend the next four or five weeks back in Brisbane just preparing and head over to Hawaii a couple of weeks out.

How do you feel about your chances on the Big Island?

Pretty good now, but you have to follow the process and you don’t know what will happen. You can’t go in thinking stuff is going to happen, you just do what you do.