Sanders takes some advice from Kienle

After a tough day in Mooloolaba, Lionel Sanders had a chat with Sebastian Kienle, who helped him get "re-motivated" for the race here in Kona.

| October 8, 2016 | PERSONALITY

Photo >Kevin Mackinnon

A disappointed Lionel Sanders was never able to get himself close to the lead group at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Mooloolaba and came out of that race frustrated. He appears to be in much better spirits here in Kona - we found out why:

It took a little bit of motivation to get back into it. I don’t know if disenchanted is the right word, but I just felt like from the front pack and the draft dynamic that happens with a 10 m draft zone, I felt like I didn’t get to shine like I had in previous races. It was kind of difficult to get remotivated to come back to another championship race. But fortunately I talked behind the scenes to Sebastian Kienle and he told me that Kona was a lot different. He said it’s a much more fair bike course from a terrain stand point and the strong cross wind really breaks things up, so I took solace in that.

I’m remotivated, I’m hungry and the big difference is I’m very angry. I think that is something that might become an asset come seven hours into the day.

One of the big changes I’ve made over last year is I’ve really got my turnover up. One of the things I noticed was that people I can keep up with in the pool – I’m swimming under 20 minutes for 1,500 m now – I’m losing three minutes to those same guys in an Ironman swim. I had developed a really long stroke with a lot of dead spots in it, so increasing my turnover keeps the pressure up on the water.