Radka Vodickova-Kahlefeldt celebrates a big win in Prague

Racing back home in the Czech Republic for the first time in over five years, Radka Vodickova-Kahlefeldt thrilled the crowds at Challenge Prague with a dramatic come from behind win.

| August 1, 2019 | PERSONALITY

Radka Vodickova-Kahlefeldt overcame a 3:30 deficit off the bike to take the win at Challenge Prague.

Radka Vodickova-Kahlefeldt overcame a 3:30 deficit off the bike to take the win at Challenge Prague.

Photo >Courtesy Challenge Prague

It's no easy task catching up with Radka Vodickova-Kahlefeldt after she's won a big race in her home country. It didn't help that the super-mom managed to overcome a 3:30 deficit behind 2012 Olympic silver medalist Lisa Norden on the run to thrill the crowd with a home-country win.

So, after the Czech Olympian finished with the national television interview, made sure daughter Ruby was all set with husband Brad and got her parents and family settled with some drinks and food, we managed to get a few quotes from the gracious champ before she took on her next task of the day - finishing up with doping control.

TriathlonWorld.com: So how does it feel to win back here in the Czech Republic?

Radka Vodickova-Kahlefelt: It’s an amazing feeling – I haven’t raced here for five or six years, which is unreal, so I’m really happy to win here on home soil. The spectators were amazing, they just pushed me all the way to catch Lisa.

Photo >Courtesy Challenge Prague

While everyone will no-doubt rave about your impressive run, you also had a great bike ride today. How did you feel about that?

I knew Lisa would be like a motorcycle on the bike, so my goal was to try and stay with her for some part of the race, and to not lose too much time to her. When they told me 3:30, I thought “that’s not too bad and there’s a chance to catch her.” I worked hard and I caught her, so I’m really happy.

So what's up next for you?

Now there’s some focus on training and the world championships (Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Nice, France) are not far off. I’ll stay in the Czech Republic for three weeks to do some training, then we’ll go for a training camp to France to practice riding in the mountains.