Looking back at the top 10 athletes from the last decade: #8

As part of firstoffthebike.com’s countdown to its merge with TriathlonWorld.com, they are counting down the top 10 athletes they have seen in the 10 years they have been covering triathlon.

| February 13, 2017 | PERSONALITY

Photo >Phil Wrochna

For the past decade we have marveled at how anyone can get themselves so right, for one race, so often. Cameron Brown is the epitome of being a professional. He is organized,, unassuming and will, more often than not, let his metronomic style of racing do the talking.

Oft called the "King of Taupo," Brown turns it on each year in that part of the world to dominate all who have tried to usurp him. And the record speaks for itself. In 17 efforts in New Zealand Brown has come up with 12 wins. And, while he has has had success around the world, nothing compares to his body of work at Ironman New Zealand.

Our Take

Creating a dynasty is easier said than done. Each year the trip to Taupo became a conversation around who would fill second place to Brown. But more to this point has been Brown’s demeanor. Whether he is off the front sticking it to his competition or in chase mode, he never gives up and he never changes form. He is the most unflappable pro we have ever seen. With ice running through his veins Brown calmly assesses and responds to what is being thrown at him. And any pro thinking that 12 is enough for Brown might need to reshape that theory. Brown is getting faster. In 2016 he clocked a staggering 8:07 to take the title. Brown might well reign for a few more years yet.