Looking back at the top 10 athletes from the last decade: #10

As part of firstoffthebike.com’s countdown to its merge with TriathlonWorld.com, they are counting down the top 10 athletes they have seen in the 10 years they have been covering triathlon.

| February 9, 2017 | PERSONALITY

Photo >Kevin Mackinnon

Sebastian Kienle #10

Sebastian Kienle is a beast of an athlete. An out and out champion in the sport of triathlon and someone who all young pros should look to emulate with his on- and off-course set up. An honest racer, Kienle was the world champion in 2014 and has been super-competitive in all races he has toed the line in since.

Photo >Michael Rauschendorfer

Our Take:

Ok the stats speak for themselves, but watching Kienle in person is an experience. It’s said often that people don’t go to triathlons to watch the pros like they would a football game. They are there to watch a friend race and the pros are there as an addition. Kienle is a draw card and if the sport was stadium based he would be packing them out each week.

Kienle’s bike leg is a driving force and now the run leg matches, it is hard to think he won’t win another time in Kona. We saw him take the title in 2014 - the raw display of biking and his total control on that race was amazing.

Off the course Kienle has been the best media performer year on year with his honesty and his humour. Interviewing him after, or before, any race is just fun. There is a lot more to come for this guy.