Liz Blatchford and her BMC Time Machine 01

She won't be racing it in Kona this year, but we couldn't resist the shot and the cool bike.

| March 27, 2017 | PERSONALITY

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While she won't likely be racing her BMC Timemachine 01 until late 2017 (at the earliest), we're looking forward to seeing her back on the race course soon on the speedy bike that was launched in Kona last year.

Blatchford, who is a member of the BMC-Etixx race team, is expecting her first child later this year with husband Glen (the photo below celebrates her reaching 29 weeks). The two-time Kona bronze medalist is also a three-time Ironman Cairns champion.

BMC's new Timemachine 01 is the first re-vamp of the company's top-of-the-line aero bike in four years, signalling just how good the previous version of the bike was. BMC teamed up with Sauber Engineering (of Formula 1 fame) to dial in the aero qualities of the bike. It also includes some innovative features like a dual-position seat post that allows you to create a seat tube angle anywhere from 71 to 81 degrees.


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\"Beachin\' with my babies 💙 And baby got BIG! #29 weeks\"

"Beachin' with my babies 💙 And baby got BIG! #29 weeks"

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