Life's Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow

Looking for a unique read about triathlon that captures the human spirit in its raw form? This is the book for you.

| December 15, 2017 | PERSONALITY

When you get asked to read and review a book it can be kind of a drag. All triathlon books are created equal right? But what about a narrative that has more to do with the human spirit than it does about watts, calories and results? Well that's exactly what you get with Susan Lacke’s read Life’s Too Short to Go So F*king Slow.

Susan Lacke should be no stranger to people in the triathlon space. Chances are you have read one of her pieces as she is widely written and widely read here on "planet triathlon." The premise of this text is that it serves as a parallel narrative, something that is not apparent early on. On one side of the literary line is the biographic sub text of Lacke and her journey to Ironman. Her story is by no means unique to the Ironman scene, as many have had athletic and life altering epiphanies that has lead to the monastic pursuit of one of sports longest days. Nonetheless Lacke’s journey is quite a ride and her unique predisposition to never sugar coat any facts make for a compelling, and page turning read. Lack casually drops various factoids about her life so casually in her writing that you'll often find yourself thinking "what the?"

The other side of the narrative is a man you will never meet, but feel you know by the end of the read. He is the inspiration for this book - Carlos Nunez. Nunez is the conduit for Lacke and, through their shared experience of some of the most celebrated and trying times in life, a bond is formed and life lessons are endured. An enduring friendship is the definitive moniker for this relationship as it endures and is based around endurance. Lacke’s internal fortitude in dealing with the struggles of a close friend centres around the story and adds a human and realistic element to it. If this was to be ever turned into a movie there would be no vaseline lens moments. Lacke’s optics on the situation, intertwined with her own life struggles, make for a compelling read.

Life is Too Short to Go So F*cking Slow is not the traditional triathlon text. It's more a story about life with a triathlon background. it is a book that will make you reflect and wonder about your own set of circumstances, while providing some insight into what it takes to get through not only a triathlon, but a whole stage of gut wrenching life lessons. Lacke captures this well and it makes for a book well worth picking up.