Five to follow

Who should you follow when it comes to triathlon-oriented social media? Here are five to start with.

| April 20, 2017 | PERSONALITY

Photo >Delly Carr

Jan Frodeno (Instagram)

The number one professional triathlete in the world, Jan Frodeno has an Instagram account that is the envy of many in this space. Frodeno, like most filtered pros, gives us the color-fast world of how he gets to be the best of the best. Frodeno’s pics are brilliant, though, and just seeing how to do something really well is worth adding him to your stream.

Sardinia- no filters needed. Racecourse is breathtaking, also literally. #LotsOfClimbing #HardYards

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Susan Lacke (Twitter)

The bio says it all. "I do endurance sports, so don't ask for my time, money, or sex. I'm fresh out. Gu?" Susan is one of the sharpest minds in triathlon and has a great way of just cutting through the BS and getting it together. One of the best going round for sheer satirical fun, Lacke is worth the click.

Delly Carr (Instagram)

It’s hard to do triathlon shooting well, but this guy gets it. Triathlon is a beautiful sport (even when the race is held in a not-so-beautiful place) and the man they call the "photo ninja" is very, very good at the catch and release style of photography. The master, Delly Carr, is known around the world as one of the best triathlon photographers on the planet. A veteran of many years traveling the world, Carr’s view of triathlon is both beautiful and creative.

Tim Reed (Twitter)

The current Ironman 70.3 world champion is a tremendous racer. He has established himself as one of the quickest men in the world of triathlon. His mind, too, is just as fast and, when his thumbs are flying on his twitter feed, you are guaranteed to be informed and entertained. Reed’s take on the triathlon world is unique and very current.

Callum Milward (Twitter)

You have love a guy who tried to get a couch chat show off the ground while also trying to dedicate the time to be big-time triathlete. Millward’s feed on twitter is full of some great observations specific to the sport and he’s regularly getting it right. From burning down the house when he sees a spider, to comments on how to get a better draft off a camera moto, Millward does not disappoint.