Catching up with some impressive women: Klagenfurt's podium

Eva Wutti wins again after having a baby last August, Corinne Abraham continues her steady return to top form and Michelle Vesterby puts it all on the line.

| July 3, 2017 | PERSONALITY

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After an exciting day of racing Eva Wutti returned from "maternity leave" to take another Ironman Austria title - she also won the event two years ago. She had a baby last August. The Austrian ran her way to the title, passing swim and bike leader Michelle Vesterby and Corinne Abraham.

Eva Wutti (right) congratulates Corinne Abraham.

Eva Wutti (right) congratulates Corinne Abraham.

Photo >Getty Images for Ironman

Eva Wutti

You seemed to be flying through the run - how did it feel?

It was a very tough run today. I could feel that my last long-distance race was a long time ago. I had a lot  of mental up and downs.

On the bike I had very bad legs and the swim wasn’t too good, either, so it was a very big surprise that I could run so well today because, when I got into the transition area, I was really thinking “does it make sense to put running shoes on today?" I put them on and started running and my legs felt good. I tried to control my pace and, in the end, it was enough.

How has it been coming back to racing after giving birth last year? It doesn't seem to have hurt your performance too much.

My whole day isn’t about training anymore. When I arrived here I said to one of my sponsors that normally I come to a race and I can remember all of my training. This time I got here and wondered if I had trained enough because life is abput my daughter and not about sport anymore. I do my training, but its not the main thing, its just a part of my life, but it looks like it helps.

Corinne Abraham

It seems like you're steadily returning to the form you had a few years ago when you won in Melbourne and Frankfurt.

It’s a good step in the right direction. I built through the bike, getting stronger and stronger, and then put together a pretty solid marathon, so I feel like I raced stronger today than I did in Lanzarote, so that’s good progress.

Eva put together a really strong race I was getting closer to her – I heard it got to 32 seconds and then I don’t know if I slowed down or she sped up, but she managed to snap the elastic again and pull away to the finish.

So what will be next?

I’ll have a look at the points situation, I think I will still need to race again. The last few years I haven’t raced so much and its nice to be doing a bit more racing this year.

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Michelle Vesterby

It looked like it was a tough day at the office for you today.

A tough day and a very lonely day. That’s not what I expected. It was a great race with great volunteers all over the course, so that was also fun.

I was suffering on the bike today, trying to push it. I never had such tired legs. I don’t usually cramp, but the last climb I started cramping in my thighs. I think that’s what happened on the run – I started out pretty good. I put out everything out there. There were just stronger girls out there.

I will have to save it all for Kona. That seems to be what I do. By the time you get to Kona everything you’ve done before Kona doesn’t matter. As long as I hit the podium in Kona I’ll be happy.