Boecherer signs with Fe226

Andi Boecherer has partnered with Danish company Fe226 and will use their high-end competition clothing.

| January 25, 2018 | PERSONALITY

Photo >James Mitchell

A few weeks ago Andi Boecherer hinted that a new clothing deal was in the works and today we learn that it is with Danish company Fe226.

Photo >Greta Fleck

The German, who finished fifth in Kona in 2016, was forced out of this year's world championship due to injury and spent some of his down time dialing in his aerodynamics on the bike. He's working on his position on his Cube bicycle and is comfortable with his other equipment choices - he runs in New Balance shoes, uses Zipp wheels, SRAM components and Uvex helmets. That left just one area where he felt he could gain a bit more time - his choice of clothing. While working on his aero set up, he came to a couple of conclusions when it came to improving his aerodynamics on the bike:

"First and foremost its the massive mass that sits on top of the bike - me," he says. "Position and body shape account for the lion's share of the overall system's aerodynamics. The second and really, really important factor is what surface the wind is moving over, and how it goes past me and my equipment. That's why I started looking for the fastest possible racing suit for me, my body and my individual needs. It goes without saying that the clothing must not only be fast, but also functional and I need to feel comfy and supported."

Boecherer will compete in Fe226 products and have input in the development of future products.