Bob Babbitt chats with Lionel Sanders

Lionel Sanders is the biggest name in 70.3 racing right now. Bob Babbitt caught up with the Canadian after he successfully defended his Oceanside title.

| April 7, 2017 | PERSONALITY

Photo >Kevin Mackinnon

(Interview with Lionel begins at 9:30 into the video.)

It was supposed to be one of the biggest showdowns of the year - Lionel Sanders was going to have a chance to take on Jan Frodeno again. Two years ago the two-time defending Ironman world champion (and fastest ever over the full-distance) pulled away on the run at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside and took the win over the Canadian, who last year set a new record for the fastest ever official Ironman race.

Unfortunately Frodeno flatted just as things appeared to be getting interesting in California last weekend, leaving Sanders to fly to another title and confirm his spot as the hottest 70.3 athlete on the planet right now.

Bob Babbitt caught up with Sanders on Sunday and enjoyed a far-reaching interview that included some insights into the challenges Sanders faced at one time and how endurance racing has changed his life.