Be my valentine! Michelle meets Claus

In a special Valentine's Day blog post, Michelle Vesterby tells the hilarious story of how she met the love her life, Claus.

| February 14, 2018 | PERSONALITY

Be my Valentine …

Valentines Day has never been a big deal in Denmark, or for me, but today I want to tell you ”My Love Story….” It is the story of how I met my ”bikebitch,” Claus.

I was once this party girl who did not do a lot of sports. But I was really good on the dance floor at various nightclubs. (Well, I thought I was, anyway.)  It was in the bar at Club La Santa that I would find my future husband, Claus Andersen.

That was in 2006. Two months earlier I had just lost my beloved brother Mark, who had suffered from multiple handicaps. That was where it all began. I needed a goal. I needed something in my life. So, together with a friend, I decided to run a marathon. We went to Club La Santa to kickstart our training. That same week there was a big group of very well trained and fit triathletes at Club La Santa,. I became really fascinated with them - especially one in particular: Claus!

I was obviously not that serious about my workout and we ended up at the disco - I was hoping that I would run into the sweet triathlete I had spotted earlier.

I did.

And in the bar I jauntily claimed that I also was a triathlete!

Claus could not quite understand how he had never seen me in the local triathlon club (we found out we we lived close to each other).  

However, I was smart and, on our first date in Denmark, I got a triathlon bike and put it up in my little apartment.

Claus Andersen and Michelle Vesterby on their wedding day.

Claus Andersen and Michelle Vesterby on their wedding day.

And that's how I became a triathlete and how he became Mr. Vesterby.

So I succeeded in getting the man, but then I had to live up to what I had told him – that I was a triathlete.

In the beginning, I thought the sport was extremely demanding because Claus always had to train. But, in time, I discovered that our quality time together came when we were out on our bikes or sitting in the car on our way to swim practice. And it was so cool that we were able to train together, regardless of our level. It still is.

Back then, Claus was in much better shape than me. That’s no longer the case. Now he takes care of the practical details of my career (like taking care of my bike, hence the earlier nickname) and makes sure I can live my dream. Luckily, its a dream he also shares with me.