Alicia Kaye ready to take on Texas

Alicia Kaye has been competing as an elite triathlete for almost 20 years. A candid chat about her career, Kona and her upcoming goals.

| April 14, 2017 | PERSONALITY

I got to announce her coming across the line for her first elite/ pro win - she was 14 at the time. Alicia Kaye, who turns 34 this year, has enjoyed a storied career in the sport, representing Canada at ITU events before dominating the non-draft Olympic distance scene for years. Kaye, who now represents the United States after getting married to Olympian Jarrod Shoemaker, moved to long-distance racing a few years ago. Last year she competed in her first full-distance race and managed to qualify for Kona.

Kaye is a remarkable woman. While so many "prodigies" seem to burn out long before their prime, Kaye has managed to stick with the sport and excel. Determined to complete her education, she competed with the best in the world while working her way through both her undergrad and masters degrees (the latter in Athletic Counseling). When she's not training she works as a mental trainer and, along Shoemaker, runs Endurance Shield, a skin care company.

Kaye embodies all the best things about what sports can do for young girls and women. She's intelligent, confident (but never cocky), determined and not afraid to go after her goals. For this year those goals include a top-10 performance in Kona and a long distance race that shows off all the hard work she's done over the last few years, something she still feels she hasn't attained.

That should be scary news for her competition - a few weeks ago she blasted to a five-minute lead off the bike over Helle Frederikson at Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico and hung on for the win.

I caught up with the 33-year-old at her home in Clermont, Florida just 10 days before Ironman Texas.