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XRCEL Athlete Fuel is the only immediate and extended release carbohydrate supplement available! Learn why athletes are using it and loving their results.

| November 1, 2017 | Nutrition

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Glucose’s role in performance … why it matters

You’re an athlete, you work your body hard, you try your best to care for it and nourish it, so that you can maximize your performance, right? So why glucose? ATP is the true energy source for muscles and the brain during performance and it is made in our body using glucose / glycogen. Unfortunately, the body is incapable of storing large amounts of ATP. So how do you get more and how to get it exactly when you need it? You provide a reliable supply of glucose. Glucose is the fastest and easiest carbohydrate to convert to energy (ATP). The minute glucose is absorbed, you have an immediate source of energy. Glucose is the body’s first choice of fuel during performance. XRCEL took glucose and improved upon the way athletes are fueled by creating the only immediate and extended release glucose supplement available!

How To Fuel Longer and Steadier … the XRCEL Advantage

Being able to fuel longer and avoid bonking can make the difference between struggling to finish and achieving a fast, strong finish and a new PR. Isn’t that the goal of all athletes? XRCEL’s years of scientific research has resulted in a revolutionary new convenient way to fuel longer and steadier. Patented glucose loaded micro-gels are what make XRCEL unique and unlike any other fuel. The glucose is delivered immediately upon drinking. The micro-gels in XRCEL are designed to optimize the release of glucose near the "glucose gateways" in the small intestine. The micro-gels steadily extend the release of additional fuel. How do they know when you need additional fuel? The micro-gels are pH and temperature responsive – so your own body signals when you need fuel – and it is delivered right into the gateways! Smart, custom fueling.

Why Do We Recommend It?

Because world class athletes have been using XRCEL and raving about it. And the science makes sense. XRCEL’s dual delivery system allows an athlete to get immediate fuel and basically "stores" additional reserves, in the form of micro-gels, for when it’s needed. Responding to each athlete’s pH and temperature, XRCEL steadily releases the fuel that helps power your muscles and brain. XRCEL has advanced sports nutrition to a new level of efficacy and responsiveness that athletes are finding gives them a competitive advantage.

Who Uses It?

From amateurs to the pros, athletes of all levels of performance are discovering and using XRCEL. Within triathlon we have heard from countless athletes with stories of PRs, finally beating stomach issues, feeling “like I could keep going,” and the amazing accomplishments of notable pros using XRCEL. Amongst them is Carrie Lester with her first place finish at Ironman France 2017 and second place at Embruhman 2017 (only 3 weeks after winning Ironman France), Laurel Wassner clinching first place at Ironman Taiwan, Laurel and twin sister Rebecca Wassner with first and second place podium finishes at Israman 2017,  Brian Norling 2017 New Jersey State Triathlon (Sprint distance) champion, Ricky Miller New Jersey State Triathlon (Olympic distance) champion and Ironman Atlantic City 2017 second place finisher. The list goes on … and is growing.

Win an XRCEL Trial

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