Fueling longer and steadier

We all know that pre-race and race-day nutrition affect performance. XRCEL is a smart glucose delivery formulation that works with your body and responds to it so you have the right fuel, in the right place, at the right time.

| October 11, 2017 | Nutrition

Laurel Wassner wins Ironman Taiwan.

Laurel Wassner wins Ironman Taiwan.

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About an hour before the start of the Israman triathlon our reporter from TriathlonWorld.com found Laurel and Rebeccah Wassner in the transition area, sipping a drink from a container he’d not ever seen before.

“What’s that,” the reporter asked.

“It’s XRCEL,” Laurel replied. “It’s an extendd release glucose supplement.”

Later that day the Wassner’s went one-two in one of the most challenging full-distance races in the world.

So what exactly is XRCEL? 

Nutrition – the Basics

We all know that proper nutrition on and off the course is the foundation upon which an athlete’s success is built. Placing demands in training and in competition, on a body that hasn’t been properly nourished or fueled, will impact performance, health, mind and focus, and undermine all of the time and effort you’ve invested. In addition to healthy, clean foods and proper hydration, supplements that help you overcome certain deficits can help you reach your maximum potential and perform more efficiently. When it comes to endurance and increased power output performance, glucose is the one and only carbohydrate that is converted directly into ATP – what your body makes to power your muscles and nourish your brain. All other types of carbohydrates, simple and complex, require additional metabolic steps to be converted to glucose and ultimately ATP. So, for an athlete, what would the ideal solution be?

  • A glucose based fuel source that is convenient and easily consumed,
  • A glucose based fuel that your body accesses immediately AND delivers glucose for an extended period of time.

Taking it a step further, how about a smart fuel that responds – to your own body – and feeds you the right fuel, glucose, right to the carb uptake sites in the gut – “glucose gateways” – and responds to your body temperature, meaning you now have the perfect combination of the right fuel, in the right place, at the right time. XRCEL Athlete Fuel, a globally patented glucose based technology unlike anything on the market, does all that. XRCEL is a smart glucose delivery formulation that works with your body and responds to it.

Stop the Bonking and Stomach Issues!

Uneven fuel sources are no help in fighting bonking. What you need is a fuel that releases steadily, as you need it - eliminating spikes and crashes. Why use an unpredictable fuel and worry about bonking while you’re working so hard to meet your race goals? Using the correct fuel and having that fuel available when you need it will take the bonk out of your race. Having that fuel delivered precisely and in the perfect volume and concentration, over an extended period of time, means no worry about your stomach and GI distress, commonly associated with other products, slowing you down.

XRCEL is actually a suspension of both immediate release glucose AND extended release glucose. The extended release component comes from our patented pH and temperature responsive micro-gels. These tiny little micro-gels are designed to keep the glucose protected in the highly acidic environment of your stomach and to allow the extended release function to begin when the micro-gels reach the intestines where carbohydrates are primarily absorbed. We also added a temperature responsive feature that effectively “squeezes” the micro-gels, increasing the release rate as your core temperature elevates. This patented delivery system is what makes XRCEL unique – and so effective in keeping athletes performing stronger, longer. XRCEL also contains performance essential electrolytes and minerals. Now you can fuel with confidence, knowing that your body is receiving the fuel when and where it needs it to keep you from bonking, and it’s easy on the stomach.