Weekend recap: Fast times and Emojis

Is sub-8 the new 8:15 full distance? The Crank thinks so. His weekend recap from Nice, Lake Placid, Calgary and more.

| July 25, 2017 | NEWS

Frederik Van Lierde takes Ironman Nice

Frederik Van Lierde takes Ironman Nice

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If you race an Ironman and don’t go sub eight hours, does that mean you’ve had a dud? Probably not, but seven hours something is the new 8:15

In saying that, the "Welcome Back Kotter" award heads to Fred Van Lierde. FVL went big in France to win courtesy of a stellar bike leg. four guys inside the 10 minutes says this was a good race.

Is Carrie Lester an under the radar athlete? Yes. Too much so. She is a legit big racer. Her race, alongside Annabel Luxford in France was first rate and another good win. Shame this race (IM France) couldn’t get more than six pro women to race. The gap between the haves and have nots evident here. Lester and Luxford are definite haves.

Brent McMahon ran the perfect race in Lake Placid. It’s pretty simple really. Swim with Andy Potts, ride with him then hit the afterburners on the run and destroy any hope of being caught. Given the talent that Potts owns he was left with windburn. Course record too.

Josh Amberger is on form right now and he needs to race as much as possible right now. Another win in Calgary has him stampeding towards a big season. (See what I did there?)

Heather Jackson racked another win in Calgary. And this is a good thing of course. But someone of Jackson’s talent and standing in the tri world should win. It’s like Federer going to a first round match at a tournament you just expect him to win. And, like when Jackson shows, she has a reputation and a top flight CV so the expectation is that she wins or goes very very close.  

Renee Tomlin is a project athlete and is in a big hurry. She continues to get good results. Her win in Tiszaujvaros underlines a depth in US women’s racing that is super strong.

Great news to hear that Xterra is coming back to Australia. I was fortunate enough to commentate the first (and only) one that was raced in this country. Chris Legh and Leon Griffin smacked down on that day.

The single gender race format doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Triathlon has always prided itself on the gender balance. And yep we need to forget about the 50 women to Kona right now. (What’s going on with that anyway?) But essentially the fact that men and women have raced on the same day and same course, etc., has always been a good thing. Having one gender racing at an Ironman doesn’t make a lot of sense. Understand that getting two pro races away in one day on one course is tough, but just allow the pros their own space. Pretty sure age groupers wouldn’t mind if the last finisher comes in at 11:30pm or midnight.

And this is where we are now. Tweet of the week and a race report via emoji.