Way too early Kona observations

The Crank weighs in with some thoughts on what we can expect to see at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

| September 20, 2017 | NEWS

Photo >Kevin Mackinnon

Most dudes will be rocking life shirtless.

Guaranteed to see athletes doing 3-minute intervals along Alii two days before the start.

Instagram becomes a place where it is only expected you post sunset pics from just outside Huggos.

TriathlonWorld.com staff to run a huge bill at whatever coffee shop they can find to replace Lava Java, and maybe Huggos.

The Undie run to attract a huge number and a creepy few too.

Photo >Silke Insel / spomedis

Daniela Ryf and Jan Frodeno dominate again.

Pros fill their social media with blatant product placement.

Every non-sunset photo must contain Lava/coffee/Mai Tai/ Hibiscus or recovery boots.

Most age groupers are more tanned and ripped than the pros.

Head wobble is evident everywhere.

Journos collude to find out where the best BBQ hot spots are.

Red Bull sales to event staff and journos goes up by 3,000 percent.

Kona must be referred to as the “Big Dance” or the “Big Island.”