Unique race-distance offered at new Challenge Roma 753

Based on the year Rome was founded (753 BC) Challenge Roma promises to be a unique race with a 1,753 m swim, 75.310 km bike and a 17.530 km run.

| March 21, 2017 | NEWS

Photo >Corina Daniela Obertas | Dreamstime.com

Rome, one of the world's most famous cities and tourist destinations, will host a new Challenge event on July 22 and 23. Challenge Roma 753 will include two days of racing- a Sprint event on the Saturday and a unique-distance race on the Sunday.

Based on 753 BC, the year that Rome was founded, the race will feature a 1,753 m swim in the man-made Laghetto lake, followed bya  75.310 km bike that takes athletes along a path towards Ostia before returning to the city center. The race ends with a 17.530 km run.

More information is available at www.challenge-roma.com.