Two American triathletes test positive for Ostarine

Two American pro triathletes have tested positive for the banned substance Ostarine. Beth Gerdes tested positive after winning Ironman Australia in 2016, while Lauren Barnett's positive test occurred in July, 2016.

| February 4, 2017 | NEWS

Beth Gerdes wins Ironman Switzerland in 2015

Beth Gerdes wins Ironman Switzerland in 2015

Photo >Jörn Pollex / Getty Images for Ironman

American pro triathletes Beth Gerdes and Lauren Barnett have independently admitted to having tested positive for the same banned substance, Ostarine. Gerdes tested positive during a competition control in May 2016, while Barnett was also discovered in a competition test in July, 2016. Ostarine is among the selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) and have been listed as an anabolic substance on the prohibition list since 2008.

Contaminated salt tablets?

Both triathletes deny having taken the medication knowingly and point out that they had consumed several food supplements during their races. Barnett was able to prove that a supplement was the cause of her positive test. Lab tests were conducted on the saline tablets she used and found traces of the banned substance. Her suspension was reduced to six months and ends this week,

Gerdes, who won Ironman Switzerland in 2015, and had tested positive in 2016 following her victory at Ironman Australia, suspects the contamination of food supplements was the reason for the positive test. Since she only takes whey protein and melatonin in her everyday life, and also didn't test positive four weeks before the race, she had to have taken in the substance during the race, Gerdes explains in a blog post. Traces of the banned substance were found in a sample of salt tablets, but the results could not be confirmed in further tests. Therefore, Gerdes was suspended for two years.

A few months previously, Australian professional Lisa Marangon also tested positive for Ostarine at Challenge Melbourne. She claimed to be the victim of sabotage and ended her career after a four-year suspension was imposed.