Toughman Argentina preview

The Toughman Series continues it's South American expansion this weekend with the inaugural Toughman Argentina Rosario.

| February 3, 2017 | NEWS

The Toughman Argentina race goes by the historical monument \"National a la Bandera\" in Rosario.

The Toughman Argentina race goes by the historical monument "National a la Bandera" in Rosario.

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At a time when independent half-distance races are struggling and independant full-distance events are almost non-existent, Richard Izzo's Toughman Series is offering some unique opportunities for events around the world.

We interviewed Rizzo earlier this year to chat about the Toughman series. You can listen to the podcast here.

“The way forward for all independent brands is to join a brand like us so that, as a unit, we can give the athletes a standard, safe, great race experience as well as attract major sponsorships to support each race through our increased leverage," says Izzo.

This weekend's race in Argentina takes place in Rosario, central Argentina. The event venue is 300 km northwest of Buenos Aires.

There are now 15 Toughman Series in North and South America, all of which qualify athletes for the Championship event in Stony Point, New York.

Izzo will be live streaming the event on Facebook starting at 7 AM on Sunday for those interested in checking it out.