Tim Don's world record, the Championship and more ...

The Crank is his usual cantankerous self as he recaps the weekend's world-best time at Ironman Brazil and looks forward to the Challenge Championship.

| May 31, 2017 | NEWS

Photo >Paul Phillips

So the big buzz this week has centered around the "world record" (fastest time at an official Ironman race) of Tim Don. Now without wanting to rain on parades or take away from what was obviously a big day in Florianopolis, but, every time we see this the first question that comes up is around course verification. But, considering that Ironman is essentially an amateur pursuit, we will drop this line of thought. In saying that, Don was super impressive in keeping it together and being so far ahead of the field it wasn’t funny. A 25-minute gap to second is the working definition of daylight.

A well-played day by the women’s podium, too, in Brazil with all three women going under the nine-hour barrier lead by Susie Cheetham, while also including Sonja Tajsich and Haley Chura.

The "Welcome Back Kotter award" goes to Amy Marsh, who returned to the racing scene after a tough couple of years.

Linsey Corbin is our new "Pro's Pro." She has a strong on course game and a brilliant social media and marketing set up. Give her a follow if you don’t.

The Madrid World Cup was over in the blink of an eye and featured a field that wasn’t so eye popping. Ryan Sissons and Georgia Taylor-Brown took the wins on a weekend that didn’t really stir that much ITU interest.

It’s hard when you invent championships. People (like me) look at it funny and wonder where it sits in the whole scheme of racing. And, if you win, do you call yourself a Championship winner or, a “just under world champion champion?” It's a tough one. Announced this week, too, was the fact that there was going to be a live stream of this event. (We are referring to the Challenge Championship.) Live streams should scare the heck out of organizers. Unless they are properly funded they are generally pretty horrible. The problem with most of these live streamed events is that have no money to make it good. The vision is there, but rarely is it as good as a Tour de France stage or an F1 race. And, yep, we know the budgets are different etc., but the expectation from the sports fan must be met. To be honest if you can’t do it well then just don’t do it.

A garbage week on the roads again with Julia Viellehner losing her life after being hit by a truck. This comes off the back of Moto GP legend Nicky Hayden also dying after being hit by a car. Be in the two wheeled world long enough and this will affect most of us. Condolences to the families. Stay safe out there folks!