They said it: Quotes from Rio hears from the Olympians after the men’s triathlon in Rio

| August 18, 2016 | NEWS

Rio 2016 - Laufen

Photo >Frank Wechsel / spomedis

Alistair Brownlee (GBR) - gold

On a famous one-two with his brother Jonny BROWNLEE (GBR):

"It's amazing. We wanted to get gold and silver four years ago, but this time we pulled it off. When Jonny crossed the line, I said to him, 'We've done it'. We've both had tough years. We push each other to the max. To see [your] little brother come over the line 10 seconds after you is phenomenal. It's so satisfying."

On whether he will go for a treble of titles in Tokyo 2020:

"I might do 2020, I'm not 100% sure. I might do it. I'll see how the body is. I might do some long distance track."

On his rivalry with Jonny:

"We get asked this a lot and we've never had a great answer to it. It's been going on since we were three years old. Competing at football, table tennis, running round the garden, we've always done it.

"But getting gold and silver has come from working together. If I'm having a bad session, he pushes me and the same the other way round."

On it being a different feeling from his victory in London 2012:

"In London, I was seen as a dead cert and they were giving me the medal before I started. My main feeling afterwards was relief. I can enjoy this one so much more."

Rio 2016 - Laufen

Photo >Frank Wechsel / spomedis

Jonathan Brownlee (GBR) - silver

On how he and brother Alistair BROWNLEE (GBR), the gold medallist, proved the doubters wrong:

"We've been written off this year. We got back to our best form. I don't normally get emotional but I'm very emotional today. This was tough. I think I'm a tough Yorkshireman."

On the sibling rivalry:

"I'm used to getting beat by Alistair, but I've gone better than last time in London when I got the bronze. I've actually been training a bit better than him and if it had come down to a sprint, I could win. Maybe in four years, he'll be older, slower and greyer."

Rio 2016 - Laufen

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 Henri Schoeman (RSA) - bronze

On his delight at getting a medal:

"There are no words to describe it. You can't beat the feeling of having a medal round your neck. I'm excited and proud, I've made Africa proud."

On how illness nearly disrupted his plans:

"Believe it or not, a week ago I had a fever and my temperature was still high yesterday but the doctor gave me the all-clear. Maybe, having that extra rest gave me an extra bit in reserve."

Mario Mola (ESP)

On his race:

"I felt good, strong. I did my best, as I do every race. The guys in front were just really good today. They had the race of their lives. Hopefully, in four years, I can get that medal."