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According to managing director Michael D'Hulst, we can expect to see more Super League Events (with women) between October and March (2018).

| March 30, 2017 | NEWS

Photo >Clint Barter

After a successful debut on Australia's Hamilton Island, triathlon fans were left wondering when (and possibly if) we'd next see the next Super League Triathlon race and when (and, again, if) we'd see women competing in the next Super League event. Well, now we have some answers - not too many details - but, at least, some insights on the future plans for the new series.

According to Super League Triathlon managing director Michael D'Hulst, we can expect to see more events in the Super League Triathlon series "between October 2017 and March 2018" and those events "will include racing for female and male professionals."

"Combined with incredible spectating opportunities, Super League Triathlon Championship events will become a true multisport festival," says D'Hulst.

The October to March time frame for upcoming events is designed to fit into the ITU and Ironman schedules - "Super League Triathlon is genuinely focused on our star athletes and is here to innovate the sport, not to disrupt it," D'Hulst says. The March event was staged "shortly after the Olympic cycle" to capitalize on the Olympic exposure. The next event, it would appear, will have to wait for the major ITU and full-distance races to be completed.

"We’re committed to creating a global brand and bringing Super League Triathlon closer to you. Right now we are working on further venues, fine tuning formats and talking with partners to support the professional league."