Sharks, Argentine flyers and more

The Crank has a lot to say about Ironman Western Australia's sharks, likes the racing he saw in Mar del Plata and more.

| December 5, 2017 | NEWS

Terenzo Bozzone defends his title at Ironman Western Australia.

Terenzo Bozzone defends his title at Ironman Western Australia.

Photo >Delly Carr | Ironman

Just another week of the weird and wonderful world of triathlon.

Ironman Western Australia was a big feature race this weekend. If you know nothing about Ironman WA or Busso, as it’s known, let me give you the five cent tour. It’s flat, fast and "sharkey." When we first started hosting the carbo nights etc., we’d get up on stage and joke around how sharks only go for seals so not to worry (you get the whole wetsuit connection ... yep comedic gold right there) and then the organizers told us to stop making shark jokes because this is a real threat. Well this threat was realized on Sunday with a man in the grey suit seen swimming in the region during the race. For those whining, pipe down, this is a real thing. So the race was trimmed to a ride/ run and the decision to do that was the right one, no doubt.

So with all that in mind, Terenzo Bozzone finished off a good season with a win. The field lacked depth, no doubt, but with Van Berkel and Brown in the field, he was always going to be pushed. In the end a six-minute gap left him alone on top of the pile.

The women’s race, too, was light, and it was Mel Hauschildt finding late season form to take the win ahead of the talented Carrie Lester. Lester is a legit hitter, so Hauschildt had to watch her back as Lester is a known winner.

Over at Ironman Mar Del Plata it was Matt Chrabot who struck a blow and took the win and the points. A consistent day kicked off by a good swim saw the American take the win.

Seeing the name Jozsef Major on any start list leads you to think two things. Forget him in the swim he is below average here. Watch him in the back half of the race because he bikes and runs like a machine. And yep, once again, he gave up a huge margin to get around swim style (10+ minutes), but then once on the tarmac he scorches. If he can ever reduce his swim time he is going to win ... a lot.

Sarah Piampiano has a fun name to say, but is even more fun to watch race and once again she proved herself a cut above with the win in Argentina. Dede Griesebauer, at age 47, got herself to fourth.

70.3 Cartagena (Columbia) was taken out by Kevin Collington and Diana Castillo.

Stay tuned for the “Crankys." Don’t worry about the others this is the award you want!