Sanders suffers sacral fracture

Lionel Sanders will be off running for nine to 12 weeks because of a sacral fracture.

| April 17, 2019 | NEWS

Photo >Kevin Mackinnon

Last fall we saw two big names in the sport - Jan Frodeno and Ben Hoffman - have to pull out of the Ironman World Championship because of sacral stress fractures. According to a post on his Facebook page last night, Lionel Sanders has suffered a similar injury.

"After three weeks of trying different healing modalities with no success, for what I thought to be a nerve impingement, I finally went to see a sports doctor," Sanders wrote. "Though the symptoms weren’t indicating a fracture, he ordered an MRI to rule it out 100%. Sadly the MRI came back positive for a sacral fracture."

Sanders had originally thought the issue was with his sciatic nerve that was aggravated after a transition workout, but even after extensive therapy it was too painful to run, forcing him to pull out of Ironman 70.3 Oceanside earlier this month. Sanders thinks the injury might have been due to an unfortunate crash on his bike.

"On my bike workout on March 18th I rode up to a water fountain and tried to be cool and balance at the fountain while taking a drink," he wrote. "I lost my balance and fell over directly onto my hip/butt, without having time to unclip. The embarrassment was far greater than any pain, so I immediately got back onto my bike and rode away. The next day I became symptomatic. The doctor thinks the bone was likely already weakened to fracture under this sort of trauma."

Sanders intends to use the recovery time to work on his swim "and other deficiencies that could have contributed to this injury."

"You can mark my words that on the other side of this thing, I will be a stronger and better athlete."