Sanders speaks out, Lawrence wins and more from the Crank

Lionel Sanders isn't going to Chattanooga and the's "the Crank" applauds the move, along with more commentary on the world of triathlon racing.

| June 28, 2017 | NEWS

Photo >Courtesy Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant is a heck of a good place to run a triathlon and the colonel came out for his own private whacking day this weekend with a win there. A sub-par swim only really matters if you can’t back up the rest of the race and Sanders came out behind, but then put the field to the sword on the bike and then followed up run style too. A six-minute win was just another chapter in this guys career.

Speaking of that: “Statement of the week” heads to Sanders after his interview with Triathlon Magazine Canada. Sanders has rejected his spot at the 70.3 worlds this season. The reason behind that (and for future reference) is that he is done with drafting. Sanders will only be involved in 20 m draft zones at a world title level. So, instead, you’ll find the colonel racing the ITU Worlds in Pentiction. What is great about this is that one of the best in the world is making a statement with his absence. Will it make a difference? In this sport probably not, but kudos to the colonel.

Holly Lawrence continues a big season - the GBR flyer took four minutes out of a pretty impressive field.

Matt Hanson didn’t let a bad swim knock him off the top of the podium with a win over 70.3 world champion Tim Reed in Coeur d’Alene. His 1:11 run stole the show and race.

Haley Chura set the scene in the women’s side of 70.3 Coeur d’Alene. She was challenged by Linsey Corbin and Jen Annett. Corbin had the day’s quickest run at 1:25, but Annett got to the line ahead of her in second.

I suppose we could let this go without talking about the racing in the next few weeks. This explains to me the very problem with triathlon and why it is seriously mired and never likely to go anywhere. So in the next few weeks we have Roth, Ironman Austria and the Ironman European champs. So Jan Frodeno will hit Austria, Sebastian Kienle will be in Frankfurt and Daniela Ryf is in Roth. In short this is just stupid. The sport could have some of the greatest athletic battles on their books, but instead we get watered down fields because the sport can’t get out of it’s own way. And you can’t blame the athletes, they only do what is convenient to them. But the sport needs stars to shine and they just never get together often enough to do that. Typical. (Editor Kevin Mackinnon had his go at this topic yesterday.)

Thanks to the good folks at Challenge here is the latest top 10 in the pro money rankings for 2017.

Richard Murray ZAF  $97.578
Mario Mola ESP $76.639
Lionel Sanders CAN $70.000
Javier Gomez ESP $52.354
Tim Don GBR $49.000
Josh Amberger AUS $42.750
Alistair Brownlee GBR $41.756
Matt Hanson USA $36.000
Fernando Alarza ESP $34.000
Ben Hoffman USA $30.750

Holly Lawrence GBR $55.000
Daniela Ryf SUI $54.503
Susie Cheetham GBR $43.000
Annabel Luxford AUS $42.245
Lucy Charles GBR $41.760
Sarah Crowley AUS $38.250
Flora Duffy BER $36.000
Andrea Hewitt NZL $36.000
Katie Zaferes USA $31.400
Jodie Robertson USA $30.000