Blasting in Barcelona, race fields, moto doping and missing Kona moms

The Crank likes what he saw, for the most part, in Barcelona and Taiwan, reports on another moto-doping case and recaps some of the big names who we'll miss in Kona this year.

| October 3, 2017 | NEWS

The Crank liked what he saw with Yvonne Van Vlerken\'s big win in Barcelona on the weekend.

The Crank liked what he saw with Yvonne Van Vlerken's big win in Barcelona on the weekend.

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Ironman Barcelona was run and won this weekend. You get the feeling a lot of these races right now are fill ins. In saying that, Yvonne Van Vlerken, who won the women’s race, is a world class performer and the men’s podium all went under 8 hours. Hope the course was legit.

70.3 Rio saw a very local field and Paulo Maciel and Oliveira got it done there.

In Taiwan the men’s race was OK with Kevin Collington and Marino Vanhoenacker duking it out. Laurel Wassner was the success story here with a tremendous victory.

Without wanting to rain on parades, though, the size of the fields in these events are questionable. Seven women toed the line in Taiwan and four finished. The time differential from first to fourth was nearly two hours. Enough said.

Reports in the French media say a Cat 3 pro was busted with a motor. A former French pro, Christophe Bassons, caught the cheater.

“I asked him if I could try the bike,” said Bassons, “He looked surprised. I then lifted his water bottle (in which the battery was hidden) and I saw the electric wire!” 

Who else reckons this is happening in triathlon? I do. Wonder if you can pick any in Kona.

Tweet of the Week heads to Callum Millward. We hear ya!


    Tweet of the Week #2 ... What the heck?

    Drinking out of a shoe on the podium = lame.

    If you have been a pro is it fair to go race age group?

    Ironman reporting that 5 top women missing from Kona. A huge void to fill. 

    • Mirinda Carfrae (AUS), although she and baby Isabelle, born in August, will be on hand to cheer for proud papa Tim O’Donnell (USA).
    • Liz Blatchford (AUS), who gave birth to daughter Mahli Ann Murray in June.
    • Jodie Cunnama (nee Swallow, GBR), who is due in November. Her husband, James Cunnama (RSA), will represent for their family.
    • Meredith Kessler (USA) awaits the arrival of her first child in November.
    • Caroline Steffen (CHE), a former Kona regular, albeit more recently focused on the 70.3 distance, is expecting baby number one by the end of the year.