A look at Bahrain, Western Australia, Cozumel and more from the Crank

The Crank liked what he saw in the world of racing this weekend - he recaps the busy weekend that included Ironman Cozumel, Ironman 70.3 Bahrain and Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney.

| November 28, 2017 | NEWS

Lisa Roberts wins Ironman Cozumel.

Lisa Roberts wins Ironman Cozumel.

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So first off. If you are using GoFundMe to launch a pro triathlon career pleas,e follow the next set of directions. Go outside, walk to the nearest tree, sit under it and go rethink your life choices.

Ironman Cozumel saw a "Welcome Back Kotter" return for one of our favorites in Sebastian Kienle. Kienle smashed through the course in 7:48. (Yes, we know the swim was short.) Great to see him on top, though, as this guy is what the sport needs. He also just spent a weekend getting his tail chewed by some short courses in Island House.

Lisa Roberts had a day, too, in Cozumel with a four-minute podium salute.

Good to see the Midde East Championships race get a field that fairly resembles a good one. Kristian Blummenfelt was dominant alongside Terenzo Bozzone, who has had a great finish to the season. Big surprise was Javier Gomez, some eight minutes down. He hasn’t had the sort of impact you’d expect from this season.

Holly Lawrence had a huge day out and just got over the line ahead of two giants in Anne Haug and Daniela Ryf.

Western Sydney isn’t the greatest spot in the world for a 70.3 race, but the field they attracted there this season certainly was a red hot one. Given the Southern Hemisphere’s home grown goodness in the 70.3 world, most races now can expect some heat. Dan Wilson did a good job to get over Tim Reed, Braden Currie and Sam Appleton. Mel Hauschildt is a monster at this distance and made the race her own.

Great watching the comeback of Liz Blatchford, a genuine superstar in the sport of triathlon.

How hard is it to design a finisher medal that can also open beers? Anybody?!!

No I don’t want to see a pic of your crappy, bloody Ironman toes, we get it.

Let’s be honest, Ultraman is just plain nuts!!! You want to talk niche, it makes duathlon look like PGA golf.

Tweet of the week. Sometimes the little things in life are the best!