Let's live a little this Christmas holiday

The Crank figures Christmas day is the best day of the year to forget about our Type A triathlon habit and enjoy some major league eating.

| December 18, 2017 | NEWS

Photo >Piotr Marcinski | Dreamstime

Ok, let's put the whole thing into perspective. The idea that you have to watch your calorie intake on Christmas day is, in short, an act of lunacy. Why on earth would you need to worry about something like that on a day that, religious aspects aside, celebrates the coming together of families and friends and encourages getting "stuck in?"

So, from that idea I say let loose and have at it. Sure triathletes are compulsive by nature, but there might be a booking waiting in the room of mirrors if the obsession goes as far as to preclude indulgence on the greatest eating day of the year.

Here are a few tips from us on how to over do it at Christmas.

  • Don't use a plate, get a bowl. You can get far more into a bowl. Don't worry if you get the foods get mixed up in the bowl. Think of it as a pre requisite to what's headed for your stomach. Load your bowl up too, don't be shy. Fortune and fullness favors the brave!
  • Wear elastic topped pants. Sure you want to look good when you go to that traditional Christmas day lunch, but you can't pack in as much or feel the necessary comfort for your debauchery if you are wearing jeans or restrictive clothing. Going the moo moo Don DeLuise style might be too much, but you can get some classy elastic topped pants if you look hard enough. For the ladies try pregnancy jeans. You have all the room you need, but can still look the goods!
  • Bread is empty carbs. Of course it is! You can eat bread any day of the week. But those Christmas delicacies only swing round once a year. So ignore bread and those sorts of fixin's and go big on the meats, seafood (for the Aussies and southern hemispherians) and the like that you won't be seeing till the next silly season.
  • Pace yourself. Ok, here is where being an endurance athlete comes into its own. The rookies will blast off trying to get everything in at once. Not required. Sit with your bowl and elastic topped pants and work your way through it. If you pile it in too quick you will miss out on the longevity of a Christmas dinner. Be pythonic!
  • Chew less swallow more. There is a scientific theory that if you chew a lot it tricks your brain to stop you eating thinking that you have put away enough. We have no idea whether it is true or not, but we say go with that theory. So cut your food up a bit more so you chew less and just swallow.
  • A nap is a good break. You don't have to be 75+ to enjoy a good post meal nap. The sleep allows you to recharge and get ready for that second assault on the Christmas buffet. If you're really onto it, you can sneak a quick 15 minutes while you are at the table and then do another one after the meal finishes.
  • Movement burns calories. Don't move too much. You don't need to. When you arrive for the Christmas lunch assess the layout of the rooms and try to figure out the route from the table to lounge (remember your post lunch nap) and bathroom so you are walking the smallest amount of distance possible. Try to limit your trips outside of this zone. When new lunch guests arrive, greet them Don Corleone style and have them come to you and shake your hand as you sit.

Look, you can try to be all hardcore and limit your food and drink intake at Christmas, but why would you? Get out there and unleash on the buffet!