Lanzarote, pro prize money and more from the Crank

This week the Crank liked what he saw in Lanzarote and Chattanooga, was impressed by Frodo and liked our editor's tie.

| May 23, 2017 | NEWS

Lucy Charles led from start to finish to win Ironman Lanzarote

Lucy Charles led from start to finish to win Ironman Lanzarote

Photo >Diego Santamaria

The big race of the weekend was the quad-killer Lanzarote. A super-tough race emphasized by the times: Bart Aeronauts had a great day out ahead of the Aviator (Jesse Thomas) and the alphabet man Alessandro Degasperi.

Lucy Charles, too, was tough and hung on ahead of Corrine Abraham and Lucy Gossage. Lanzarote lived up to it’s reputation as one tough race.

The "Heather Jackson" show just rolls on. She once again shredded the opposition in Chattanooga. It’s a question of when, now, we'll see her deep into to a Kona battle for the win. Matt Russell was strong for the win there too.

Nils Frommhold is a jet and, with his rocket bike, he took out St.Pölten. Between Frommhold and Andreas Böcherer, the dynamic duo went full batman and took the rest of the field to pieces two-wheeled style.

Headline out of Bahrain 13 this week was “Jan Frodeno focussed on nailing Kona.” Phew!

In saying that Frodeno was once again on top in Barcelona. A 1:11 run time says more than anything.

Emma Pallant was also a comfortable winner in Barcelona with good win over Natalie Seymour.

Our Tweet of the Week says everything while saying everything. Just when you thought you were hard done by as a pro.


The “Ron Burgundy” award this week heads to our own Kev Mackinnon. First time ever we’ve seen a tie worn during an interview. Well done!! You stay class Kev!


The 70.3 APAC championship has m,oved to West Sydney. Yep this is a picturesque locale. 

Ironman is diversifying their portfolio. Another week another acquisition, this time the Cape to Cape and Port to Port MTB events. If anyone has any doubt as to where Ironman is heading, this just underlines their intent. Hence the whole Ironman pro thing is not such a big deal. And, to be fair to them, mass participatory events are the way to go. If Ironman creates an athlete "eco-system" then athletes can migrate around the event bubble. It’s good business for sure but where does leave the core?
Alistair Brownlee is set to race Challenge’s Championship. What it’s a championship of I’m not sure, but given anyone can label any race anything this is another in the list. And, given what happened to the whole Triple Crown debacle let’s hope this one comes with a better standard, not just a tag line.