How popular is Hewitt and more from the Crank's Phil Wrochna weighs in on a weekend of racing that included WTS Gold Coast and Challenge Melbourne.

| April 10, 2017 | NEWS

Andrea Hewitt

Andrea Hewitt

Photo >Delly Carr | International Triathlon Union

How stoked is the tri world with Andrea Hewitt right now? She is in dominant form and made another statement this weekend on the Gold Coast. She is doing a very solid job and is one of the most popular racers around.

A good hit out, too, for Ashleigh Gentle, who was only a few seconds adrift of Hewitt and is always a threat racing at home.

Mario Mola, too, has showed the metronome needed to win these races. The “wacky” Richard Murray (according to Super League), has held his form and took second. Javier Gomez is still getting right and was a rare fourth.

Challenge Melbourne had it’s usual sprinkling of pros and usual sprinkling of weather. This might be the wettest race in Australia. Sam Appleton won against a small field that did house Dan Wilson and Tim Reed.

Annabel Luxford lives and trains on the roads of Melbourne and stitched up a win ahead of an ever-improving Laura Biddall. Luxford shouldn’t, and wasn’t, headed. As an Ironman athlete the jury is still out on Luxford, but as a 70.3 racer she is world class.

Anyone miss Ironman Melbourne? We don’t. Point to point marathons are anti social and a freaking nightmare to cover. Thank goodness that race got sent to the farm.

What’s the lowest temperature allowed to take a shirt off and run topless? If it is cold out and you do then sorry, but you’re a tool.

Emma Snowsill has made it to the Tri Aus Hall of Fame. About time and well deserved.

Tim Reed won Male Performance of the Year award showing, once again, Triathlon Australia, who couldn’t care less about long course, show themselves to be able to jump on a bandwagon anywhere.

The ABC this week ran a story about the Dirt n Dust Festival ( this weekend. And, while the race is what it is, the after hours activity looked fun. We are not necessarily on board with a “best butt” competition, but it is good that triathlon can still have a laugh at itself and not be taken so seriously.